Social Direct Mail™ – Integrated Marketing with Facebook

Integrated Marketing with Facebook

Introducing Our Facebook Expertise. Your Direct Mail Also Shown on Front Page of Your Prospect’s Facebook Newsfeed.

Introducing Social Direct Mail™ – our partnership with Facebook allows us to match prospects in your mailing list against active Facebook Accounts.

Here’s how we boost the power of direct marketing, both on- and off-line: around the same time we send out your direct mail pieces to the targets, the same ad creative will be shown on their Facebook Newsfeeds. These ads are not skippable or spam filtered. You should expect a lift in response rates over a one-dimensional or non-integrated approach.

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65 Percent

Of users log into Facebook on a daily basis.

20 Minutes Personalized/ Variable Data Printing

Average time spent on Facebook

More Than Posting or Getting “Likes” Mail List Processing

Get in front of your prospects – the same prospects on your list. You should expect to see a lift over a one-dimensional or non-integrated marketing approach.

Bypass Spam Filters Inserting

Maximize interaction with your audience and skip spam filters.

Extreme Analysis™Extreme Analysis

Analyze your existing customer database, so we can forecast your next likely customer.  Utilize state-of-art algorithms to avoid a shotgun approach.

A/B Testing, Online and OfflineA/B Testing

Customize and test subtle variations to see how people respond. With us, your marketing tactics will always continue to evolve.