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There are some online marketers and SEO “professionals” that have become so reliant on “digital” marketing and advertising that they’ve forgotten how essential and effective direct mail can truly be.

The truth, however, is that direct mail is still the king of ROI when it comes to marketing. Think about it in measurable business terms:

  • Direct mail has a 79 percent “immediate act rate” when opened, while email retains just 45 percent.
  • According to the CMO Council (2010), the response rate of direct mail campaigns also overpowers email at a staggering 3.4 percent to a mere 0.12 percent, respectively.
  • Actually the figure above is a bit outdated. In fact, direct mail response rates have been marching up since 2010, and found its peak yet in 2016 (Source: Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Reports), summarized below:
Direct Mail Services

If you’re talking customers, you’re getting three times more customers through the door when you reach out with tangible mail as opposed to a digital message.

See If Direct Mail is Right for Your Business

Direct Mail Services

Rely on a Results-Driven Direct Mail Marketing Agency

When you’re a business banking on speedy growth, you don’t have the luxury of sending out spam messages that go to empty inboxes. You need to maximize your return on investment with sustainable results that positively impact your bottom line.

IPNM Direct & Digital is a full-service agency that can help impact your customer influence and interaction by creating warmer leads because we specialize on one thing only — direct mail marketing. While we multi-channel and use 21st century marketing tactics, everything we do revolves around making your direct mail campaign even better. Learn how, click here.

I am happy to provide a reference for IPNM Direct & Digital, a direct mail firm I have worked with for more than a decade. I find the company to be a respectable firm with integrity and skill. From the start of a project, IPNM has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. I’m happy to recommend them to anyone seeking their business.

Ralph G.

Development Director, San Francisco Rescue Mission

Since 2004, they have handled all of our direct mail marketing campaigns, ranging from large quantities, intricate mail pieces, to statewide mailing with customized versions. I found their staff to be extremely knowledgeable with U.S. Postal Services regulations and their changes. IPNM has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. They are valuable consultants with all things related to our direct mailing marketing campaigns. I am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking their service.

Dana H.

General Manager, Neptune Society

While many printers dabble in direct mail, we are one of the few who prepare your business for success through real-world, actionable, and measurable experience.

Here’s why IPNM Direct & Digital is setting the gold standard for direct mail services:

  1. We provide direct, personal mail pieces that establish a strong rapport with customers, while developing brand advocacy and sustainability.
  2. True business intelligence begins with measurable data. Our direct mail is easier to track (and more accurate) for analyzing customer movement and ROI.
  3. Our direct mail campaigns better target your key demographics based on essential data, such as location, buying habits, shopping patterns and more.
  4. We can tailor our campaigns to ensure your new efforts coincide with current strategies—and we make them cost-effective based on real ROI results.
  5. We mail millions of pieces annually, partnering with list companies that can build your prospect list from the ground up, while negotiating the best mailing rates across the country.

Yes, let me play with the numbers

Long-Term Success Begins with a Reliable Partnership

Let’s be honest; emails might be easy, they might be fast, but spam filters and junk mail folders are destroying messages before they ever reach your customer.

And yet, according to the U.S. Postal Service, 98 percent of people retrieve mail from their mailbox—with 77 percent sorting it immediately.

When you rely on IPNM Direct & Digital to run your direct mail campaign, we’ll use our expertise to plan, execute and sustain your direct mail marketing efforts so you can focus on other essential aspects of your business.

  • Get a true marketing partner that fits your vision for today, tomorrow and the future.
  • Rely on a team that offers a one-stop-shop for all your direct mail needs, including design, copy, prospecting/targeting, production and execution.
  • Build for the long-term with solutions that fit your budget, your potential growth, and your customers’ evolving needs.

Read our story here.

From Start to Finish, Let Us Help You Experience the Success of Direct Mail:

Strategy Creative  Prospecting/Targeting  Production • Mailing

We use the combination of technology, decades of direct mail experience, and solid marketing principles to help you build a profitable direct mail marketing campaign.  Maximize your returns with our high-touch, consultative approach.

Building You a Lead-Gen PipelineBuilding You A Lead-Gen Pipeline

We help you “set and scale” a consistent and effective direct mail.  Of course you can tweak them at anytime, but our goal is to free you up from the hassle of bulk printing and mailing, so you can focus on your business.

List Building/ Targeting ServicesList Building/ Targeting Services

Narrow down your targets and make your direct mail campaigns more effective. Let us help you build your perfect audience.

ResponseLift™Extreme Analysis

Analyze your existing customer database, so we can forecast your next likely customers.  Utilize state-of-art algorithms to avoid a shotgun approach.

A/B TestingA/B Testing

Customize and test subtle variations to see how people respond. With us, your marketing tactics will always continue to evolve.

Facebook Retargeting

Get in front of your prospects 4-5 more times without spending another penny on postage.
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Certified US Postal Service PartnerCertified USPS Partner

A trusted USPS partner for over 17 years.

If you’re ready to reevaluate how direct mail can work for you, choose IPNM Direct & Digital today. Let us show you how to balance your digital endeavors with direct mail campaigns that proper you forward for years to come.

A Short History

Many printers dabble in direct mail. Many marketing agencies dabble in direct mail. But few are truly direct mail agencies.

When done right, direct mail is powerful. We want to partner with you, to make sure you are well-prepared to experience its success.

Started out in a San Francisco garage in 2000, IPNM Direct & Digital has grown as California’s Premier Direct Mail Marketing Agency.

From the beginning, IPNM Direct & Digital is looking to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have come to market to be big enough to handle major marketing campaigns, yet small enough to offer full one-on-one service. We offer excellent undivided attention and personalized services, and you will be sure to continuously use our services happily. Our strengths lie in services offered to the best of their ability focusing on your needs just as much as our own. With your success comes our success. Other print and direct mail marketing services may be cheap but often lack attention and effectiveness. IPNM Direct &Digital offers a consultative approach to all projects with an Account Manager being your right-hand man every step of the way. The tight-knit family relationship strengthens our core as a business and reflects in the services that we offer. We observe and understand the importance of the trust needed when ordering tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of marketing investments. We want you to be satisfied and successful, which, in turn, makes us successful and satisfied.

There are many online, “DIY” print & mail services. But are they also effective, or just cheap? We offer a consultative approach to all of our projects, we will dig deep into our knowledge base and work our behinds off to put you in the best position. From strategy to execution, let us make sure you are well-prepared to experience the success of direct mail.

From strategy, creative, copy, design, prospecting/targeting, to production and mailing. We not only take the hassle out of your busy day, you can rely on us in building you an entire lead-gen pipeline.

We look out for your long-term interest. We are never interested in making a quick-buck but neglecting your big picture needs. Why? Because we firmly believe that if we take care of your long-term interests, we automatically take care of our own.

Last but not least, we built this business with an old-school mantra of working as hard and as efficiently as possible. With our positive attitude and “can-do” spirit, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Since its inception at the end of the last century, the Internet has seen 1 million new uses. Users discover new uses every day. What our ancestors only dreamed about is now so routine we barely even notice it.

One of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind is the smartphone. Imagine it: a device that allows you to access the sum total of human knowledge in the palm of your hand. You may be using one right now to read this.

Because of this device, direct marketing to customers is easier now than ever before. In a world that never sleeps, direct mail marketing is one of the most efficient ways to get your name into the hearts and minds of your clients.

constant contact direct marketing

Once Is Never Enough

According to McGraw-Hill, the average sale takes five sales calls to secure. Five touches – that’s not a small number. Time, energy, and money are all factors that must be considered.

100 years ago, companies such as Sears would send out seasonal magazines to their customers. These magazines served as a platform on which to showcase their merchandise, sales, and other promotions. But publications cost time and money to produce, and contacting your customer once per season is no longer sufficient.

That’s where we can help. When it comes to California direct mail marketing, IPNM Direct & Digital is a good option. We facilitate the process of marketing to your clients and make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We are here to make sure your customers know you are there.

The Internet has come into its own as a platform for marketing potential. With a mouse click, your ad can be seen by thousands of people. By opening an email, your most valuable customers can receive promotions and exclusive deals. This will ensure that they stay your customers for the long term. Magazine paperwork won’t get lost. There’s no need to fill out long order forms and wait 4 to 6 weeks for something to arrive. The Internet has created a world in which selling to customers is easier than ever. This is something Sears and Roebuck could only have dreamed of.

However, while the Internet feels like it’s everywhere, not everyone is hooked in. The digital world still has a need for paper marketing. We can help with that as well.

Keeping Your Flyers in the Mailbox
and Out of the Trash Can

At the dawn of the 21st century, the Western world was desperately trying to go paperless. Almost 20 years later, we still trust paper now more than ever. Yes, newspapers are gone, and so are letters for personal correspondence – replaced by blogs and emails. But paper-based marketing efforts are still as useful as ever.

Even though email is the new norm, more than 200 billion pieces of paper mail go out each day – mostly marketing-related. Because of this, the need for targeted mail advertising remains very present.

Receiving a flyer or other advertisement in the mail can compel people towards your website who would not normally find it on their own. For a direct mailing campaign to work, you need to pique your clients’ interest without being annoying or too forceful.

Promotions cost money to produce and to distribute. The last thing you want is to have somebody see your ad, shrug, and toss it into the garbage. Your ad needs to be clever and to the point. Combining a compelling offer, bright colors, great design, and a catchy slogan can make all the difference.

Your ad needs to convey pertinent information but not be overwhelming. Utilizing empty space can have a drastic effect on how much of your ad people will read. Value your customers’ time by only presenting the relevant facts, but not just another bullet-point list.

IPNM Direct & Digital is masterful at the art of marketing. We understand that not everyone is the same. The most effective way of marketing to people is not to treat them that way.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Everyone is different, and our firm studies demographics and statistical information to make sure that our ads are precise. We aim to resonate well with the customers you’re trying to reach. It is easy to feel as though you’re just another faceless number on the mailing list.

We won’t do that. We will take steps to personalize your mailers as much as possible. Finally, one of the biggest oversights that a company can commit is the failure to track information. The two most important things in the business world today are time and money. Information is a close third. If you do not track the results of your marketing campaign, you will not know the best way to reach the customers.

Our company will work with you to track all information regarding your marketing campaign.

When your sales go up, you will know exactly why and what aspects of the campaign were the most effective. If your sales go down—or do not improve as expected—you will see exactly what went wrong, when, and why. IPNM Direct & Digital has the answers to your marketing needs.

The age of Internet marketing has arrived. It’s time for your company to take the next step and reach new heights of success and innovation and to expand into the global community. No one else has the resources you need to make sure those steps are profitable, cost-effective, and as smooth as possible. If you are looking for California direct mail marketing services, look no further than IPNM Direct & Digital, your California-based direct mail marketing agency.

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