Mail List Services

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Reach your target audience and order mailing lists in an easy and affordable way.

Direct mail is infinitely better when targeted. With over 350 million people and over 85 million businesses in existence just in this country, let us help you build a targeted and effective direct mail campaign.

We begin with an extensive interview and deep dive about your business, your core values, your customers, and your project goals. Your Account Manager will work closely with various data compilers who can help build a targeted list by industry, demographic, geography, and more.

If you have been in business for a while, even better! Our List Hygiene services can help you main the highest-quality client list, and our Extreme Analysis™ analyzes your existing client base, and then forecasts your next likely customers.

List Building/ Targeting ServicesList Building/ Targeting Services

Narrow down your targets and make your direct mail campaigns more effective. Let us help you build your perfect audience.

List Hygiene ServicesList Hygiene Services

We help you maintain the highest quality list. Services range from database additions/ removals, CASS address validation, sort, filter, segmentation, and more.

List Update / NCOAList Update / NCOA

Update your address list and minimize wasted postage and mail, with our USPS-certified National Change of Address (NCOA) services.

Extreme Analysis™Extreme Analysis

Analyze your existing customer database, so we can forecast your next likely customers.  Utilize state-of-art algorithms to avoid a shotgun approach.

A/B TestingA/B Testing

Customize and test subtle variations to see how people respond. With us, your marketing tactics will always continue to evolve.

Certified USPS PartnerCertified USPS Partner

A trusted USPS partner for over 15 years.