Non-Profit Mailing

non-profit mailing

Fact: Direct mail is STILL responsible for 78 percent of all donations received, and 89 percent of new donors are acquired via direct mail.*

Not only that it’s effective, it is the lifeline between you and the people who support your cause. Our firm is staffed with people who are passionate about causes that move our society forward, and we always have a soft spot for non-profit mailers. Partner with us and make your mailers great-looking, effective, and communicate your passion to your audience.
* Source: National Fundraising Performance Survey

Non-Profit Mail ComplianceNon-Profit Mail Compliance

USPS gives a special postage discount for non-profit mailers.  But with that privilege, comes requirements that you may or may not be aware of. Let us help you make sure you are in compliance.

FREE List Hygiene Services (Exclusively for Non-Profits) FREE List Hygiene Services (Exclusively for Non-Profits)

We help you continuously maintain and update your donor databases, at no extra charge, and with complete privacy in mind. This ranges from database maintenance, additions/ removals, address validation, and more.

Bulk PrintingBulk Printing

Providing bulk printing capabilities from postcards, sales letters, newsletters, booklets. If you can mail it, we can produce it.
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Personalized/ Variable Data Printingnon-profit mailing

Boost your response rates by tailoring your mailers to each recipient, from personalized greeting, personalized images, offers, and more.
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Insert up to 6 pieces in your envelopes – our high-capacity machines can relieve the hassle of stuffing (and licking) envelopes in a breeze!

Hand Kitting/ Complex AssemblyHand Kitting/ Complex Assembly

We also provide hand kitting and inserting services on anything non-machinable.

Match InsertsMatch Inserts

Achieve higher response rates with personalized appeal letters. In addition to personalized printing (see above), we provide 2-way, 3-way, and more match insert capabilities.

Extreme Analysis™non-profit mailing

Analyze your existing donor database, so we can forecast your next likely donors.  Utilize state-of-art algorithms to avoid a shotgun approach.

A/B TestingA/B Testing

Customize and test subtle variations to see how people respond. With us, your marketing tactics will always continue to evolve.