Our Client Intake Process

“Success Starts With Knowing Where to Go… and Taking Steps to Get There”


At IPNM Direct & Digital, we are your strategic business partners, not vendors. To help you build and run a rich sales pipeline, we will need to learn a little bit about your business and your customers. Our intake process is laid out below with those considerations in mind.

FREE Marketing Consultation


The first step is a 15 to 30-minute phone call with one of our Marketing Consultants, discussing the following:


What sales or marketing problems are you trying to solve?


What are your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Cost to Acquire Customers (CAC)?


Are we a good fit for what you need?

The focus during this call is on the big picture. We want to make sure that we can help you and have the right budget for a successful lift-off. Visit our Pricing page to get a sense of the budget range for our services.

Who Should Be Involved

This is just a simple, informal one-on-one initial chat. Just reach out, and, in no time, you will be talking with one of our Marketing Consultants. To learn more about us, and our values, click here.

What to Prepare

We ask that you read our short “Who We Help and How” page (2-minute read) before the call. We also strongly recommend reading at least one of our case studies so you get a better sense of the depth, breadth, and scale of our engagements and how we bring solutions to our clients.

 Deep Dive Session


During this 60-minute meeting, we will ask some questions to better understand your current marketing and sales landscape. Some of the questions:

Your company and its direct competitors (i.e., your size relative to them, your unique selling proposition)

Your customer profile (i.e., size, ideal vs. current, what they buy, and why you).

Your sales and revenue goals (i.e., ROI, gross revenues, etc.—figures that make you say, “This marketing investment is a huge success”).

Your current and past marketing strategies, both successes and failures.

Your current and past direct mail efforts.

Who Should Be Involved

We will have our Marketing Consultants and a Subject Matter Expert at your disposal.

At this stage, we believe that it is time to involve people within your organization from sales and marketing. They would know best about your customers and can answer why they buy and why they buy from you. They can also give feedback on the effectiveness of past and present marketing efforts, including an assessment of the quality of leads brought by these efforts.

Secondly, our experience tells us that C-level involvement is crucial at this stage. Because of the significant time and resources committed to this effort, success can often hinge on early buy-in from Presidents, CEOs, or marketing executives who can help champion the importance of building a rich lead-generation pipeline for your company.


What to Prepare

In our brief time together here, we want to be as efficient as we can focusing on you, your goals, and how we can help. To cover as much ground as possible, your team would be best served reading up a little bit about us and what we do (15-minute total reading time):


Who We Help and How
(Reading Time: 1.5 minutes)

(Reading Time: 3.5 minutes)

Direct Mail Profitability Guide
(Reading Time: 5 minutes)

At Least One Case Study
(Reading Time: 5 Minutes Each)

Solution Review Meeting


We will need about two weeks’ time to put together a sales and marketing audit of your business, your customer profile, and the best strategy to reach your goals.

After, we will put together our recommendations and a comprehensive strategy roadmap, which will include the following:

  • Targeting, list-building
  • Quantities
  • Frequency and recency recommendations
  • Key Performance Indicators

Who Should Be Involved

The same folks who attended the previous Deep Dive session:

  • From our end—Marketing Consultant and Subject Matter Expert
  • From your company—you, someone from upper management, and someone from sales and marketing
  • On occasion, someone from our Data Science team will join this session.

What to Prepare

We may need you to help answer follow-up questions between the Deep Dive and this Solution Review session. This usually happens via email or phone calls.

Start of Engagement

By now, you should be well-informed enough to see what we can bring you, how we plan to tackle it, and if you have the required investment to move forward. We will begin putting together a pilot program.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

If you’re thinking “this is what we need” let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

If you’re thinking “this is what we need” let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit.